Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Come party and get lots more!!

I know you all love Stampin Up! goodies and as a hostess you get lots of fab benefits but would you like to get your hands on an extra £25 of Stampin' Up! Goodies for Free?  Well when you host a party with sales of  more than £250 in October that is what you will get!

Whats the Catch? There isnt one its to celebrate the 25th year of Stampin` Up!
All you need to do is get a few friends together to craft and shop   When sales at your party reach £250 or more (remember this is before post and packing) you will get at least £65 Hostess Pounds to spend on what ever you would like from the Catalogues!  

House too small? Dont worry because now you can have a catalogue party and still earn all these fantastic rewards.
Give me a call on 07747774181 and I can help you to achieve all these fantastic benefits
So what are you waiting for?? Looking forward to spaking to you soon

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